Fall in Love with Valentine’s Day Activities for School
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Fall in Love With Valentine’s Day Activities for School

Newsela Editorial
Jan 31, 2024

Have you started planning your Valentine’s Day activities for school yet? Maybe you love to love this holiday or maybe it feels like just one more thing you have to add to instruction in the busy second half of the school year. No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, bringing timely content and activities into your classroom shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming.

That’s why we’ve curated text sets, literature selections, activities, and resources to make sharing Valentine’s Day lessons with your students easier. Explore not just the history of the holiday, but also the meanings of emotions like love and gratitude that students can feel and share with others all year long. 

You’ll fall in love with all the great resources available across our products:

Read a love story or poem with Newsela ELA

See how love and heartbreak are often great sources of inspiration for writers and artists with these curated resources:

Valentine’s Day fiction and poetry

Discover how some writers express the emotion of love through verse, fiction, and myths with these selections:

  • My Loves,”  a poem by Langston Hughes

  • Sonnet 116,” a poem by William Shakespeare

  • The Little Mermaid,” a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

  • Cupid and Psyche, a Roman myth

  • Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, a Greek myth

Love stories: Valentine’s Day novel studies

Build background knowledge using some of the greatest love stories ever told with our Valentine’s Day novel studies:

All about chocolate research project

Dig into one of everybody’s favorite Valentine’s Day gifts with a research project. Discover the history of chocolate and its place in our culture with these resources:

  • Is there a difference between American and British chocolate? What does it mean for your tastebuds?

  • Learn about one of the most famous chocolate makers in the world. No, not Willy Wonka. Milton Hershey!

  • Find out the most popular chocolate treats for the major sweets holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

Learn how to show the love with Newsela SEL

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing those feel-good emotions like love, happiness, and thoughtfulness. Help turn the holiday into a fun social-emotional learning experience with our Showing Love This Valentine’s Day text set:

  • Talk about the definition of emotional words like empathy, kindness, and gratitude to better understand what they mean.

  • Explore the differences between effective and ineffective communication and how knowing and identifying emotions can make communication easier.

  • Have students write a thank-you note to someone important in their lives for Valentine’s Day.

Discover the history of Valentine’s Day with Newsela Social Studies

How much do your students know about the history of Valentine’s Day? Help them learn about the origins, symbolism, and traditions with our Valentine’s Day 2024 curated text set:

  • Discover the origins of Valentine’s Day and the legend of St. Valentine.

  • Learn about the history of chocolate, and why this sweet treat is so popular on Valentine’s Day.

  • See why some people are ditching traditional Valentine’s Day flowers for more edible gifts, like a bouquet of bacon roses!

  • Make this history lesson interactive by testing your students’ knowledge of what they learned about the holiday with a premade Formative Valentine’s Day activity.

Explore Valentine’s Day STEM with Newsela Science

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be fancy or expensive to be heartfelt. Use our Seasonal STEAM: Valentine’s Day Activities text set to teach about science concepts and let students create unique presents for family and friends:

  • Learn about the different types of mixtures by creating evaporation crystal hearts.

  • Teach the basics of coding (offline!) by making Valentine’s Day-themed binary code keychains. 

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