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Science and literacy, it’s symbiotic

Get students learning about science while they’re building literacy, with engaging and accessible texts that inspire each student to see the science in their world.

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Science is exciting. But science materials aren’t always easy to understand. Now, you can engage students with texts that meet every student where they are.

Engaging and relevant

Doing science is exciting. Reading about it can be too. Tie hands-on science instruction to current events, real-world examples of phenomena, and introduce students to people like them that have made amazing contributions to the world.

Aligned to standards

Content is aligned to state science standards and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). So teachers finally have a go-to resource for engaging, accessible content that’s aligned to whatever scientific concept or phenomena they’re teaching that day.

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All students deserve to be inspired by the wonders of how their world works. No student ever needs to feel left out of a conversation, or held back from learning about science while they build literacy skills.

Updated daily

New discoveries are happening every day. With 10 texts added daily, the latest scientific breakthroughs, natural disasters, and interesting explainers can be incorporated into lessons when they’re top-of-mind for students.

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Science resources in one place

Designed and organized to make finding science content easier than ever. Teachers are never more than a click away from real-world phenomena, STEM connections, and standards-aligned performance tasks.

Enhance your existing materials with Curriculum Complements

We’ve organized Newsela content to work alongside dozens of popular resources. So teachers and students get more content and choice, and your existing curriculum can be more relevant, more accessible, and more responsive.

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