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Engage your learners with authentic content

Newsela Lite provides a free introduction to everything Newsela has to offer. You can build literacy routines that meet each student where they are, using topics they care about.

Practice key literacy skills

Quizzes and writing prompts push students to think critically and read closely. And teachers can create their own flexible student activities with Formative.

Spark discussion and debate

With articles that are timely and relevant to real-world topics, you can empower students to think critically and express their unique perspectives.

Boost independent reading

Our editors hand-pick nonfiction content that students want to read, helping you cultivate nonfiction reading habits and a lifelong love of learning.

Four features you need this school year

Meet every learner where they are and make real-time teaching decisions with content and tools you can trust.

Start building weekly literacy habits in your classroom

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Experience our premium subject products

This school year, every teacher who signs up for Newsela Lite will have the option to claim a free 45-day trial of our three premium subject products. When you log into Newsela Lite, you’ll have the option to start your free trial whenever you’re ready.

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Newsela Lite provides the content your students care about and the scaffolds, activities, and data you need.

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