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How to: Use Newsela’s Read Aloud feature

The Newsela Team
Jan 29, 2021

We’ve often heard from educators on how instructional tools and materials can better serve all their students’ needs. With Newsela’s Read Aloud feature, we’ve gone beyond WCAG requirements so students and teachers can listen to any Newsela article on the web or in the student app. Students can follow along with word-by-word highlighting that can be played or paused, in both English and Spanish, as needed. 

No matter the learning environment, teachers can utilize the Read Aloud mode to help students follow along with a Newsela text and stay engaged in their lesson. Check out these 5 ways teachers in the Newsela Community are using Read Aloud on Newsela:

  1. Working one-on-one or in small groups with students and have them read along out loud with the Read Aloud feature.

  2. Utilizing Read Aloud to aid in comprehension when students are reading independently.

  3. Assessing students' listening comprehension by playing Read Aloud to help aid students struggling with informational text.

  4. Having learners listen to content above their reading level and gain access to more difficult vocabulary.

  5. Leveraging Read Aloud for English language learners to listen to articles and increase their fluency.

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