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How to: Leverage ELA standards on Newsela

The Newsela Team
Feb 18, 2021

It's easy to assume that quality content for ELA classrooms is readily available. Between textbooks, basal readers, literature, poetry, and today's never-ending stream of content published online, ELA content seems abundant. However, finding content that aligns to your state standards can prove difficult, especially when also searching for authentic, up-to-date content that helps students not only develop their literacy skills, but foster a love of reading as well.   

With Newsela ELA, every text includes a 4-question multiple-choice quiz that's aligned to ELA standards for informational reading or literature, so teachers can focus on each student's individual skill development. Additionally, teachers can leverage the activities embedded into Newsela content, such as Write Prompts or Lesson Sparks, that help students become engaged and active readers. Check out the GIF below to see where teachers can find the quizzes and related standards in the activities panel. 

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Looking for more tips? Read more about Newsela ELA and our content philosophy; or, explore our resources page to learn more about Newsela best practices.

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